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The Beginning of Something Wonderful!

Welcome Friends!
My name is Hasmek Siwajian and I welcome you to my professional website dedicated to my doctoral endeavors. Within this space, you will discover my passion for Millennial research and future workforce development.

Please feel free to explore my “Doctoral Musings” blog. There I will pour out my thoughts and ideas regarding current research, as well as my upcoming doctoral adventures to China, New Orleans, Washington DC, Houston, Texas, etc.

Your comments are encouraged and welcome.

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Hasmek Siwajian is a highly talented STEM Scientist with 8 years of hands-on laboratory experience as part of a 10-year career involved in development and enhancement of food, nutrition, and personal products.

Hasmek finds deep fulfillment in serving others as she believes the biggest gift you can give someone is knowledge and mentorship. She feels that mentorship, and the giving of one’s self to help others achieve their highest potential is the key to bridging the gap throughout all humanity.

In an effort to fuel her passion for service, Hasmek is working on her doctorate at the world renown Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education and Psychology.

Under the guidance of esteemed faculty, she is passionately involved in Millennial and Generation Alpha research, and global leadership and future workforce development.

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The Sweetness of Life


Hummingbirds have a significant meaning in my life. They symbolize joy, the lightness of being and the sweetness of life. They drink the nectar of flowers in search for the sweetness of life, setting an example for us to do the same.

Through this, I have come to realize that the sweetness of life comes from within and through our different experiences. The answers of life lie deep inside of our "sweet" We just have to dig in deep to find them. I believe we can do a lot of good in this world if we use the "sweetness" which lies within us to guide toward common good.

I would love to take this opportunity to thank my amazing and talented colleagues for inspiring me to create my own space within the virtual world. Here is to the beginning of something wonderful!

With Gratitude for your Support,