Fear, Entitlement, and Push Back: The Recent Phenomena in the Millennials of Higher Education

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Have you ever thought about what you would be able to achieve if you were pushed far beyond your comfort zone?

Unfortunately, most students in high education don’t give this a second thought as they find being pushed beyond their limit uncomfortable and unnecessary. We can look at this from two different perspectives. Discomfort brings on more responsibility as societal expectations rise. Individualized fear of failure and insecurity is the most uncomfortable part.

Then again, there is the sense of entitlement, especially in the Millennial generation. The expectations of unearned privileges, rights, and being owed stands in the way of academic and career success. The individuals of this Generation Y cohort feel like being pushed beyond their limit is excessive and they “push back.” Little do they realize that it's only when we are pushed far beyond our borders is when we discover our real capacity.

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I feel the primary element which is lacking in the Millennials of higher education is the sense of love, passion, and purpose. The inability to let go of fear and entitlement and the ability to be selfless seem harder to achieve than a dissertation. Generation Y needs to see the bigger picture of why their professors/mentors are pushing them far beyond their comfort zone. It isn't because they want to cause the student academic torture. But instead, students need to embrace this discomfort as an honor and privilege. They need to embody the growth and enlightenment which comes along with a project which seems foreign. Students need to let go of the notion of "rewards behind accomplishment" and accept personal and intellectual growth as the most significant reward of all.

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Students need to utilize academic opportunity as an avenue for service and change. Rewards come when your heart is the work. Letting go of fear and insecurity and embracing the synchronicities in life and the essence of “anything is possible” and “the sky is the limit” opens a myriad of endless blessings. After all, success is impossible without some level of discomfort. And discomfort is a blessing we should all be grateful it gives gratitude is the key that unlocks the door to a better world and future.

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