Thank You For Taking the Helm!

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What has stopped you from taking the helm?

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Was it fear, insecurity, unhappiness, or perhaps someone told you weren't good enough or smart enough?

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And, why should we let anybody stunt our growth and have such power and influence over us?

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As I have taken the helm in my own life, I regret listening to that former college professor back in 2010 who told me I’d never be successful in a doctoral program. Boy was she wrong!!! Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger I guess. I don't understand the concept of saying "No" to anybody trying to succeed in life. Everything is possible and attainable; it takes some longer to get there than others.  

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As some of us claim we are unhappy and miserable in our current situation, have we asked ourselves what makes us happy and what we want? Why is it so hard for some to take an active initiative into taking charge of our lives? I feel as though some feel entitled and owed and they blame the universe for their shortcomings. The unfortunate aspect is that some aren’t motivated to take responsibility for their actions or lack of actions thereof. Where does motivation come from really? Is it innate, or is it influenced by family, culture, environment, or society in general?

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What would motivate you to take the helm? Does it need to be something drastic like a “do or die” situation where we had no choice but to take charge? Or, is it influenced by your burning desire to succeed no matter what? While some of us bank on the lottery or luck to make it in life, there is that other half who believe in good old-fashioned hard work and sleepless nights to bring our dreams to fruition. If people knew the fulfillment and joy of hard work, sweat, and tears, would they feel so entitled to success?

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Every decision has a consequence, and nobody is responsible for our success than ourselves. If we choose not to take the helm and sit on the couch waiting for the stork to drop off enough money to last us our enough lives, then we have another thing coming. Or perhaps, we should dream up the lottery numbers, and that could get us through the rest of our lives? I'll bet if we asked any of those former lottery winners if they were truly happy, they would beg to differ. Does money buy happiness anyway? Or is pride in knowing you worked super hard for something you initially thought was unattainable?

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What does taking the helm mean for you?

Is it taking that first step towards your career goal?

Buying your first home?

 Or is it applying to the college or university of your dreams hoping and praying that the admissions committee would see what we had to offer to the world?

Taking the helm means putting all fear aside and taking a risk that would change the course of your life. An influential quote from my father has stuck with me as I continue to take the helm throughout my life: “One simple decision can change your entire life. Trust your instincts. You know what to do.” I have this quote replaying in my head constantly every time I doubt or question my ability to take charge of school, work, and my personal life. Taking the helm means trusting yourself, taking risks and learning from your actions. What's the worse that can happen? If you fall, you get up, and you try and try again. Your most significant goal which may have seemed impossible to achieve three years ago, will seem like a piece of cake through persistence, risking taking, and self-trust.

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So, the question is, are you ready to take the helm?



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